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why not

2016-09-29 20:03:58 by Informant




i can vote for myself but i cant add myself to favourites lol

long time no see :(

2016-09-18 01:56:00 by Informant


Just posted this to the art portal... enjoy

3D or 2D

2015-03-28 21:12:02 by Informant

For those confused...
without ink n paint texture/ with texture:


Okay so I thought I'd do a thing where I show you how I did some of the art work.
These are the backgrounds. I modelled them all in 3d. From this render you can see the basic structure of the city.Setting up the scene and camera to the right perspective etc (takes a while to decide which render is the best afterwards).




Dragged file into flash... draw the lines over the top of the picture. You probs cant see it properly, transparent png..


Colour it in. Gradient that shit. Yeah, it's missing windows and stuff. I got tired of drawing them all in and decided against it. You can all just pretend they're there. Cmon use your imagination. :)


2015-03-26 23:25:41 by Informant

It's a good animation right??? RRRIIIIGGGHHHHHTTT??????


pls send help :(


2015-03-26 04:49:57 by Informant
New animation. Please take a look guys!
Let me know how I did.

I hope you're all well!


2014-01-09 00:27:48 by Informant

I hope everyone is doing well? So after a long time I've posted a new animation. Hope it's aight.

It's weird after I finish a project I feel like I dont have a purpose anymore. :((((


Animation #2

2012-07-22 20:51:30 by Informant

Making my second animation..
Taking longer than expected, really.
Taking longer than the first one, of course, but still... I suppose there's a lot more work involved.
Its been in progress for about a week and a half now. Still no where near the half way point @__@.
But yeah. The point of these animations are basically just to let me practice storytelling, and different ways of animating.
Different techniques etc.
Also I need to get quicker.
Edit: 10/19/12
Okay, after a month of doin this project I kinda stopped. It was half finished, and then I was kind of like sad that it wasnt getting finished quicker. 3 months have passed or so, and nearly all the animation is finished. I have a little bit at the end to do, then thats it. But at the moment I'm trying very hard to do the voices. I have a distinct feeling that they arent as good as they would be if they were someone elses, but this is what I wanted, so this is what I have. What can I say, I'm an animator.. but i'm doing all the project's parts including sound and stuff. It's a lot of work. I just hope its consistent at the end.
Ah. and yes I am aware that sound is one of the most, if not the most important attributes of an entire product.
Things I need (experienced):
australian female voice actors, sound fx people, comedy writers, cartoon makers of sorts, and maybe some sort of director etc who can help me cartoon etc
Edit: 29/11/2012
Remember when I said It would be a flash video next time? I think I made a liar out of myself :(
I hope the file works...!! :)


2012-06-29 02:06:49 by Informant

I've been sitting on this account for some time now... And maybe it's finally time I used it...
So lets get to it shall we...?