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why not

2016-09-29 20:03:58 by Informant




i can vote for myself but i cant add myself to favourites lol


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2016-09-29 20:25:44

Well, it'd be pretty odd to add yourself as your own fan.
It's also pretty odd to vote on your works, Tom should just remove this feature.

Informant responds:

i agree, its totally weird. I feel weird every time I click 5. But like, should I just not vote? or should I vote a lesser number? that would be even stranger for me to do :(
good point you make though lol


2016-09-29 20:46:12

I recommend not voting at all, i mean come on, votes don't mean anything, they don't reflect how good a drawing really is, because sometimes you get people zero bombing/ voting 5 on your stuff even though you make some pretty good/ bad content just because they feel like it or for the "lulz" and votes can get a little bit random and unclear after they do.
But hey, you make some pretty good works imo. as long as you're a fan of your works, you shouldn't care about ratings and votes, i mean yeah, it's nice to get feedback every once in a while but just don't let it control the way you feel about your art.

Informant responds:

ohhhh yeah lol i dont think about the ratings, i just cant remember if your work gets deleted if it doesnt get rated or something. maybe thats only the movie portal but i dont want it to get erased thats all lol


2016-09-29 20:56:18

They don't actually, in the art portal it doesn't matter how many people vote 0 on your works, but in the movie/games portal if you get like 25 low scores or something while the submission is still under judgment your submission will be deleted.
So yeah, everything's fine, don't worry about your stuff getting deleted if you put effort to your works or simply post in the art portal.

Informant responds:

ohhh i was worried lol. that's good to know then. :) thanks!


2016-09-29 23:09:11

That's great to hear! (Or whatever) Brother we have the same number of FANS of 36!

Informant responds:

how do you know o-o


2016-09-30 07:27:58

I always vote 5 on my own stuff; I assume most people do. Because I'm proud of the things I make, of course! And of course, that sense you should be your own biggest fan! :D Never thought about it like that before.

Informant responds:

yeah true. I mean i wouldnt upload them if i didnt want people to see it.
i only vote once when i first upload it though... mostly i think because it shows you the page immediately and i have a habit of clicking 5 on this site lol


2016-09-30 21:05:20

5's a good score. :) Since the voting overhaul you can only vote once per submission anyway, so it's pretty fair I think. Used to have to upvote some scores a few times because (I assume) the same people downvoted a few times - it's easier now. Harder to counter anyone with a bunch of ALTs if they do decide to downvote your content, but fortunately that doesn't seem to happen so often now.

Informant responds:

i didnt even realise you could only vote once even lol


2016-10-01 06:44:34

You live and learn! :) On the topic of things-you-might-not-know, have you been to: